Business Partners

The ESAD is a special space for research and development. Every year educational projects and potential projects are selected and bring together the professional world with students in the final years, in all the domains of design and art.

The ESAD Reims incorporates in its teaching collaborative projects with institutions or private companies, from one week to six months. Always overseen by a teacher in charge of the project, groups of students imagine from their very flexible design briefs new responses to the many different problems that affect our contemporary ways of living.

In the same context, the students are asked to take part in international competitions, in which they have won numerous prizes over the past 15 years.

The association of creation with the social and professional world in the domain of design and art is a strong point in ESAD Reims. It is built on a policy of working with private business in partnerships with groups of students from 2nd year on. This association is fundamental, collective in the 4th year, it becomes individual and develops in relation to the student’s project in the 5th year.