Amateur activities

ESAD of Reims offers the chance to a public that love Art and Design, to initiate, to practice and to perfect themselves in different domains of creative arts that are taught in the establishment. Regrouped in modules or in workshops that are spread over the academic year, these sessions are guided by artists : teachers from the ESAD or young professionals who have studied there. More than obtaining techniques, it is artistic excellence, as always, which is sought for and shared.



Teacher  Jean-Michel HANNECART, artist
This class deals with all forms of expression and takes into account the different techniques : gouache, watercolours, oil paints. The classes are based upon issues of contemporary painting. Aspects such as colour theory, composition, form and scale are addressed throughout the year. Space and material are the objective of specific sessions. They are a launching pad leading to the observation of reality, which can then be developed in a more individual way. The subjects are chosen in order to work on basic techniques (watercolours, acrylics, gouache) as well as oil painting and the preparation of supports (canvas, wood, paper). The aim is to allow each participant to develop a personal style while studying the techniques and history of paintin
Public : adult
Prerequisites : none.
Location : The ESAD annexe of Franchet D’Espèrey
List of material available on ESAD website and from the secretaria
Sessions of 2h30 On Tuesdays from 6 pm to 8.30 pm From the 6th October 2015 to 10th May 2016 (Except 27/10, 22/12, 29/12, 16/02, 12/04, 19/04
Annual classes : 185€/year
Group limited to 40 people
Enrollment on 6th October 2015 from 5pm to 6pm in the ESAD annexe of Franchet D’Espèrey.
If places remain, after enrolment on 6th October, it will be possible to enrol from 7th October onwards at the Secretariat of the ESAD, 12 rue Libergier, Reims.



Group 1 Teacher Jean-Michel HANNECART
Group 2 Teacher Anne FRESSARD

Observational drawings from nude models, or still lives using different techniques and tools such as : charcoal, pastels, ink, water-colours, etc.
The subjects that are dealt with are:

  • Studying proportions
  • Scales
  • Space
  • Ideas of fullness and emptiness
  • Work on movement and displacement
  • Different times of drawing
  • Looking for a personal style

During each session, a certain number of exercises, or a variation thereof is covered, each participant using the exercise in relation to their own development, their level of drawing and their expectations
Public : adult
Prerequisites : none
Location : Annexe ESAD de Franchet D’Espèrey
List of material available on ESAD website and from the secretariat
Sessions of 2 hours
Monday (group 1) or Wednesday (group 2) from 6 pm to 8 pm
Monday classes From the 5th October 2015 to 9th May 2016 (Except for 26/10, 21/12, 28/12, 15/02, 11/04, 18/04)
Wednesday classes From the 7th October 2015 to 11th may 2016 (Except for 28/10, 11/11, 23/12, 30/12, 17/02, 13/04, 20/04)
Annual classes : 148€/year
Professional training cost : please contact us
Groups limited to 40 people



Teacher Jean WANSCHOOR, artist
Contemporary and digital photography : theory, technique, shooting, digital retouching, printing and uploading to the web. The objective is to acquire the mastery of the digital tools of contemporary photography, within the framework of an artistic project. The end result: a printed image or an image on the web. Every module addresses in six sessions a specific angle and one of the techniques that leads to mastery of digital photography. One or more modules may be taken. It is possible to borrow equipment, but it is advisable to come with your own equipment.
The modules are supervised by an artist with great experience of the technical subtleties of digital photography.

Module 1 : Portait
This module proposes a practice of photography through the portrait. From an analysis of the history of the portrait and its composition in reporting conditions or in studio work, it will allow participants to work on especially : the precision of framing, the depth of field, the work on light as well as the basics of digital retouching.

Module 2 : Movement
This module addresses a fundamental part of the magical aspect of photography, namely, its technical capacity to capture a unique moment, and in that way to freeze in an image a fleeting moment of reality. Whether it is in reporting conditions or in a studio setting, it will allow the participants to work on especially : mastering exposure time, the use of flashes (internal and external), high speed photography, and compositional narrative that is a result of the movement specific to the photographic image.
Tuesdays 12/19/26 January 2016 et 02/09/23 February 2016 from 6 pm to 8.30 pm
Enrolments :
before the 15th December 2015

Module 3 : The performed image
This module encourages participants to apply all the techniques that have been evoked in previous modules in relation to photographic practice. An analysis of contemporary photographic practices will allow participants to free themselves little by little from purely technical aspects, to concentrate on a more poetic, conceptual, artistic approach. It is a way to question photography and its practice through its characteristics, which makes photography a unique medium, and allows it to impose its artistic power.
Tuesdays  01/08/15/22 March 2016 et 05/26April 2016 from 6 pm to 8.30 pm
Enrolments :  before the 8th February 2016

Public : adult, with an affinity for photography and possibly a practice.
Prerequisites : none required, all levels accepted for module 1 ; afterwards, progression is based on increasing technical complexities.
Location : ESAD Cathédrale
Material for prints is included in standard paper and formats.
Possibility of renting a camera for the sessions : 30€ for 6 sessions
Price per module : 148€/year
Professional training cost : please contact us
Group limited to 12 people maximum, 8 people minimum
Enrolment : ESAD Cathédrale, 12 rue Libergier, according to dates specific to each module.


Design culinaire

Teacher Julie ROTHHAHN, food designer
Guest lecturer Georges RIBEIRO, head chef

A delicious initiation
The initiation into food design is for all types of public who have an affinity with art and cooking. It is project based workshop, and from simple exercises, leads each person to position themselves in a personal project or in a small group. The projects are worked on and completed in the ESAD pedagogical kitchen. The class is supervised by a professional food designer, an experienced teacher, accompanied depending on the sessions by a chef from the ESAD. One, two or three modules can be taken, because the subjects are varied and each one allows participants to learn new aspects of the discipline.

Public : all public
Prerequisites : none except an affinity with cooking, and perhaps an artistic practice (drawing, music, theatre…).
Place : ESAD Cathédrale
Module of 4 sessions of 2 hours thirty minutes each Tuesday from 5.30 pm to 8 pm.

Module 1
Tuesdays 03/10/24 November and 1st December 2015
Enrolment : before 20th October 2015

Module 2
Tuesdays 12/19/26 January and 2nd February 2016
Enrolment : before 15th December 2015

Module 3
Tuesdays 01/08/15/22 March 2016
Enrolment : before 8th February 2016

Price per module : 120€ (including material and food supplies)
Professional training cost : please contact us
Group limited to 15 people maximum, 10 people minimum
Enrolment : ESAD Cathédrale, 12 rue Libergier, according to dates specific to each module.


Screen printing

Teacher Jean Wanschoor, artist

From drawing to screen printing
Articulating from drawing to screen printing allows the participants to develop their own personal style and to test screen printing in the ESAD workshop as a new artistic approach. This printing techniques uses stencils (originally silkscreens). The materials used are various : paper, cardboard, tissue, metal, glass, wod, etc. It is possible to print motifs in solid colours in a repetitive manner. The sessions are overseen by a graphic designer who has good artistic and technical knowledge of screen printing. The material is not given with the class but can be acquired through the ESAD.

Public: adult, with an affinity for drawing and/or graphic design and perhaps with a practice.
Required: No prerequisites,all levels accepted.
Place: at the annex ESAD de Franchet D’Espèrey
Participants can bring the supports they wish to print onto (clothes, bags, glasses…).
Module with 6 sessions of 2 hours 30 minutes each Thursday from 6 pm to 8.30 pm.

Module 1 Thursdays 05/12/26 November and 03/10/17 December 2015
Enrolment : before 22nd October 2015

Module 2 Thursdays 14/21/28 January and 04/11/25 February 2016
Enrolment : before 17th December 2015

Module 3 Thursdays 03/10/17/24 March and 07/28 April 2016
Enrolment : before the 11th February 2016

or Module of 2 consecutive days (15 hours)
Module 1 29th and 30th October 2015
Enrolment : before 15th October 2015

Price per module : 110 € (includes certain materials, water based printing inks and standard printing paper)
Professional training cost : please contact us
Group of 12 people maximum, 8 people minimum


For all information regarding evening classes, call 00 33 3 26 89 42 70 or write us