L’École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims (The Graduate School of Art and Design of Reims), one of the oldest art colleges in France, is today well established in the 21st century. Renowned for the quality of its teaching, both in art and design, each day the school weaves together a unique education, working with professionals, open to European exchanges and cultural globalization. Its dynamic approach, which has made it famous beyond France, allows it to offer its students multiple opportunities and experiences, encounters in the creative sector, in research and prospection. ESAD Reims is a public establishment which delivers national degrees from the Ministry of Culture.

Becoming an artist implies a lot of work in exploring and researching one’s own project, and learning the multiple languages and mediums that are used in art today. The designer learns to push back the limits of what can be questioned in its form, its use and its way of being made. Food design, vegetal design, are two specialisations that integrate what is living to these questions. Graphic and digital design elaborate the interfaces of our future objects. These diverse contemporary artistic practices that are open to one another, allow students to have a reactivity and a diverse skills range directly related to their own time.

What place will the creator have in tomorrow’s society? What will future artistic professions be like? For the artist or the designer, an artistic higher education gives him or her the chance to rapidly take part in the professional world and to begin a unique journey, and allows them to peacefully envisage future evolutions.  As well as its objectives of initial education, resulting in a  degree, and also to respond to present developments the ESAD is also a cultural participant, a continuing education organisation, a publisher (of books and of small objects in limited editions), a national participant in research, with the first ever Chair of Design in a Higher Education Art School, an incubator and a hothouse for new projects.