Scientific Banquet

In order to give the discipline of food design a theoretical foundation, and to give a form to this research, ESAD Reims imagined the Scientific Banquet, a unique scenographic and culinary form.

The concept of the event is a conference superimposed onto a banquet : we speak about what we eat and we eat what we speak about, in a staged environment. Who speaks? Researchers in food history, historians, sociologists… and artists, whose performances happen alongside more academic speeches.

The participants have a scientific experience that is like a conference and an aesthetic experience, involving sensitivity in its first and most basic meaning : the senses, perception. The propositions of a Scientific Banquet take the form of oral communication, performances or art works : artists, designers, performers, essayists, musicians, philosophers and poets meet each other to see and understand in the liberty that comes with the joys of a feast.

The form of the Scientific Banquet also allows knowledge to be increased in the domains of ethnoscenology, history and culture of food, the culinary arts and food design. Food design, which has been taught at ESAD Reims for nearly fifteen years, questions habits, uses and food rituals with the methods and tools of a designer.


Three scientific banquets have taken place :
12th April 2013 (Centquatre in Paris, France)
11th September 2013 (Friche de la Belle de Mai in Marseille, France – European Cultural Capital)
15th September 2014 (Halles du Boulingrin in Reims, France)

Version 3.0 is being prepared on the theme “Wine and Colour”.
The event can be created for 150 to 180 people.

In general, research in food design is part of the partnership with the University François Rabelais de Tours (laboratory LEA), l’IEHCA and FERRANDI-Ecole française de gastronomie (see: food design studies)
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Scientific Banquet 1.0 :
Scientific Banquet movie « pillage et gaspillage »

Scientific Banquet 2.0 :
Scientific Banquet movie « guerre et alimentation »
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Food Design publishing :
Les 4OO goûts, Design, cuisine et geste


En partenariat avec les lycées hôteliers du Cheylard, Gustave Eiffel, Ferrandi- Ecole de Gastronomie, le laboratoire L’Equipe Alimentation (LEA) de l’Université François Rabelais de Tours.