The Art option aims to train the students for the creation of contemporary art. In order to do so,  the student needs to have an intellectual curiosity, an openness to the world around them. The Art option allows the student to imagine an artistic problematic which is specific to him/her and allows him/her to define his/her place, and the place of art in society. In order for this to happen, he/she takes part in artist’s residencies and exhibitions from the second year on. The principal aims are artistic independence and collaborative practice.

In the later years of schooling, teaching is backed up with research on structures of Social Innovation in Art, most notably in non institutional networks which are run by the people who have set them up.

The permanent partners of the Art option are : Camac, the Centre d’Art Passages, the Vysocina in Czech Republic, the studio of Création Musicale Césaré, the association of  Prisme sponsors, the Ecoles Supérieures d’Art du Grand Est.