Brice Domingues

After a university education in audio visual and information- communication, he developed a practice as a graphic designer. He became interested in the narrative potential that graphic forms can convey, especially in the question of editing. His production links intertextuality and the principle of adaptation, in relation to the methods of communication that come from cinematic language.  He explores the relations that graphic design has to other artistic practices. 2008 : Creation with Catherine Guiral of the studio officeabc (2015 ico-D Excellence Award) 2011 : Creation with Jérôme Dupeyrat and Catherine Guiral of the Agence du Doute (exhibition curator in 2013 in Pompidou Centre; co-direction of the work L’Écartelage ou l’écriture de l’espace d’après Pierre Faucheux) 2013 : Founded, with Thierry Chancogne et Catherine Guiral, on line magazine Tombolo.  At the ESAD, he teaches graphic design to the undergraduate cycle.
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