Campa 2013

Projects achieved in partnership with the company CAMPA, a luxury electric radiator manufacturer.

At first the students visited the factory and were familiarized with the technologies and modes of assembly of the radiators. They then devised proposals addressing the mobility issues, and aspects of its use and / or quality perceived by the user. The company has selected three projects to produce a prototype.

Partnership : with Campa radiators

Tempo – Élodie Elsenberger

The radiator has a «crumpled» looking surface and changes color with the heat: temperature is then evaluated at a glance. The object is no longer hidden, but actively contributes to the decor and home life due its’ advanced and changing graphics.

Théo Demans

The decorative appearance of the radiator using a variety of superimposed materials, like paintings in a portfolio.

Travel, Damien Convert

The radiator can be laid against or hung on the wall. A simple handle is integrated for this purpose. Power is supplied by the base on the wall or at floor level.

Antoine Monnet

The idea of the project is to make the radiator more versatile, by separating the component parts it becomes more adaptable and durable. The electrical resistance and the control box, more fragile, are separated from the main body which has better longevity. The electrical resistance is contained within an aluminum casing and permits a variation of the possible materials for the heat diffusing surface. Thus, on the same basis, it is possible to generate radiators of varying shapes and radiant intensity.

Minima – Clément Bernard

Five objects (obsidian, corner, beam, fireplace, fireplace set) with a common heating function and a minimalist, geometric, black and lacquered look interact with the space and architecture, and can be used either together or separately.
Elodie Elsenberger, Tempo