Eurogerm, Reinventing our daily bread 2012

3-7 March 2012, Europain Show, Paris.

The ESAD Reims students who took the food design option approached the theme of “Our Daily Bread” as part of a design project that combined contextual analysis, experiments, relevance and coherence. The research took place between October 2011 and January 2012 having been initiated by a visit from the company Eurogerm and followed up with their food design professors Marc Brétillot and Frédérique Bastien assisted by ESAD’s chef, Georges Ribeiro. Reinventing Our Daily Bread is an extremely wide-ranging subject area that covers every culture and discipline. Pride of place goes to the many diverse student projects. They examine how bread is produced, distributed, consumed and recycled. Time is a particular focus, some students delving into mythology while others look forward to new models of consumption to come. There is a dialogue between conceptual, palpable, ideological and practical points of view; they express movements and tastes, they discuss uses and techniques.

Led by: Marc Brétillot et Frédérique Bastien

Partner: Eurogerm