Financial aids given to students

Scholarship bursary based on social criteria
Students enrolled in the École Supérieure d’Art et Design de Reims are eligible for a scholarship bursary from the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication on condition that they are younger than 28 years old on the 1st September of the academic year.
The scholarship bursaries are given in accordance with 3 criteria : the income of the fiscal household, the number of children that are tax burdens and the distance from the place of study. A grant simulator can be used on the CNOUS and CROUS websites in order to be able to evaluate the possibilities of receiving a scholarship bursary based on social criteria.
Be careful to make your requests for bursaries and/or accommodation well in advance as the file must be entered and completed on the website of your CROUS between January and April 2016 for the start of the academic year 2016/2017.
The grid for scholarship bursaries based on social criteria has 9 levels.
A progressive scale is fixed every year.
This allows for bursaries going from exemption of paying for social security affiliation at level 0, to the payment over 10 months of an annual bursary scaled from approximately 1000€ for the level 0 bis and reaching more than 5000 € for level 7.
Scholarship bursary holders are totally or partially exonerated from paying for trips organised by the establishment (transport and accommodation).

Occasional grants
ESAD students, bursary holders or non bursary holders, can request, either from the social assistance or the CROUS occasional grants : emergency financial aid, access to the subsidised grocery store, etc.

Municipal higher education grants
These are awarded, under certain conditions relating to their resources, to students who have been residents in Reims for at least five years.

Merit and citizenship award
Every year, the city of Reims rewards 300 € to a worthy student of the ESAD.

Le Fonds national d’aide d’urgence annuelle Culture (FNAUAC – The National Fund for Urgent Aid in Culture)
The FNAUAC allows for the attribution of an annual urgent aid to students who are having long-term difficulties that are attested by the ESAD Director and the CROUS social services, but who are not eligible for a scholarship bursaries based on social criteria because they do not satisfy all the conditions that are imposed by the regulations.

Assistance for International Mobility
Grants for study stays and/or a professional internship abroad, can be paid in the framework of the European programme Erasmus+, by the Conseil Régional or the Franco-German Office for Youth (Office Franco-Allemand pour la Jeunesse- OFAJ). The students continue to receive their scholarship bursaries based on social criteria during their mobility, if they are temporarily admitted into an establishment situated in a member state of the European Council, which has ratified the European agreement of 12/12/1969, and subject to agreement by the ESAD.

Le Prix Prisme
Prisme, the voluntary organisation of doctors from Reims, provides a prize every year of 5000€ to a young graduate from art.