Food design

This option brings living into the designer’s education, the daily aspect of it that is the most intimate, the most shared, and in this option, eating is treated as an art : installation, performance, visual arts are part of the food design option practised in the ESAD. But it is also a form of design, which touches on a powerful societal theme, which involves our future. Food design is interested therefore in the context and the valorisation of agricultural production, from the transformation by crafts and industry, to the different distribution channels, BtoB or public, in commercial spaces and in tasting, in restaurants or in the domestic context.


An optional course during the first three years of the college in art or design, a master in specialised food design, and during the post graduate training, these different facets are developed in relation with the leaders of these branches, and in numerous partnerships, in the form of competitions, commissions, events. The aim of the years spent in the Master is to acquire a culture that is both cultural and practical : the universe of food and the practice of design.


The permanent partners of the food design option are the Université François Rabelais de Tours, Ferrandi- Ecole de Gastronomie, the lycée Gustave Eiffel, the Centre International des Vins de Champagne. The ESAD has been a publisher since 2004 of many works dedicated to food design.