Former College Gardens 2007

The ephemeral garden of Reims' Former Jesuit College brings together a selection of four in situ projects: taking their inspiration from the historical function of the premises, the architecture or simply the existing plant life. They were on show from June to December 2007.

“Educational Garden” by Charles Baudoin, Germain Cagnac, François Hédin and Estelle Mercier. Based on a botanical list of plants, from noble specimens to the humblest weeds, that have grown in this courtyard, the project provides a lesson in botany. Explanatory items classify and give a framework to in vivo specimens.

“Spiritual Elevation” by Aurélien Mirofle and Seung Yong Song. The garden’s verticality draws inspiration from the former function of the premises.

“Plant Growth” by Ulysse Neau and Pauline Regalia provides a structured expression and sound track.

“Architecture in situ” by Julien Renault uses minimalist artistic elements and the site’s architectural backdrop to provide a sculptural setting with flower boxes.