Julie Rothhahn

To design, Julie Rothhahn begins by eating. Curious and a gourmand, she tastes everything in order to analyse the senses, open ways of thinking about it and to bring to food, a design, that helps to digest, to have fun and to escape. After graduating from the Ecole supérieure d’Art et Design de Reims, she was the laureate in 2009 of the “grand prix de la création de la ville de Paris” in the design section. She brings a designer’s view to food which becomes a material that can be modelled, staged, given a meaning. The food becomes as a result a sensitive, emotional, regressive, even transgressive thing. Her work as a designer manifests in different ways : collaboration with the food service industry, craftsmen, the agro- food industry, events organisations. In the ESAD she teaches food design.
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