La Réappropriation en art : malheurs du droit d’auteur et puissances du faux à l’ère de l’Opensource

Re-appropriation in art : why does it still trouble and upset so much, how does it affect the creative space, the idea of authorship, the legal domain and finally what does it imply for the domain of thinking? This type of complexity, at the intersection of art, law and art history has recently been at the centre of the Reims artistic scene. Jean-François Gavoty, a sculptor renowned for his work in permanent dialogue with art history received a court summons for having “recopied” a piece by Paul Maureau-Vauthier.

Artists, philosophers, jurists, and critics talk about their work and of the importance they give to re-appropriation to better understand its sense, between art and philosophy.

Coming out as a co- publication Epure-ESAD 2016. RRP