L’Œil et l’Esprit – Merleau-Ponty entre art et philosophie (Collection)

The eye and the mind – Merleau-Ponty between art and philosophy

Work under the scientific direction of  Fabrice Bourlez and Lorenzo Vinciguerra

Last published text during the lifetime of Merleau-Ponty, l’Oeil et l’Esprit condenses and deploys some of his main lines of thought from painting and the gesture of painting… This work sets itself this challenge : to show that this text is still relevant, in the aesthetic field and in contemporary artistic creation. This gives rise to the question that is addressed to both philosophers and artists : in what manner does the reading of l’Oeil et l’Esprit influence your work and your reflexion today?

Edition Epure, 2010, 18 € (out of print- in the process of being reprinted)