Macdara Smith

From Dublin, in Ireland, Macdara Smith lives and works in Paris. He graduated with a Masters in Visual Arts from Ecole Nationale d’Arts Paris Cergy in 1998, and since then has created in the domain of music and performance art. He plays in several projects as a trumpeter or singer (Osteti, Zarboth, Electromenager, Think Twice, 11:11). One of his projects, 11:11 is in residency in Mains d’Œuvres in Saint Ouen. In Europe he has played in many venues and has brought out several albums and vinyl 12”. Working in different mediums, mixing writing, drawing, music and performance, he is interested in the spectacle of life. He also draws fanzines and designs album covers. He teaches English in Université Paris 8, ENSAPC and in La Défense. In the ESAD, Macdara Smith teaches English.
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