Post-diplôme 2011 : Céline Marder

The mouth, a sensual resonance

“As a designer I am interested in organoleptic sensations and how a product interacts to stimulate sensory receptors. To take this idea further it is first necessary to study the sensory impact when the food is placed in the mouth.

Is flavour simply an expression of this? Etymologically, the word “expression” refers to the act of pressing the juice out of a food, or in mathematical terms a reduction. But is it not rather the locus for sensory resonance more generally? In other words not just taste but everything that is directly or indirectly related to the forms of the sensations caused by the other senses, such as hearing, sight, smell, and touch. And this led me to address the following issue: is the moment of placing food in the mouth simply the revelation of a flavour, or a locus for sensory resonance?”