Post-diplôme 2013 : Rachel Levesque

Soft Ground

Little, fine and frail are words suggesting the uncertain state of fragility. We do not know its strength; we doubt its ability to bend without breaking. Fragility implies possible breakage, a temptation for demolition; fragility navigates between endurance and fracture. For Soft Ground, this notion of fragility and precarious state crystallized around a single foodstuff: the meringue.

Research into the limitations and creation of volume in the use of this foodstuff is the focal point of this form of art, meringue in its usual decorative form is transformed into various emaciated, lightweight, ephemeral works of art. But if it does break up it gives its place up to a different foodstuff providing taste as vivid as the demolition is sudden because this fragile state is not doomed to remain stable or constant. The stress involved created all the delight of this experience.