Pourparlers – Gilles Deleuze, entre art et philosophie (Collection)

Work under the scientific direction of  Fabrice Bourlez and Lorenzo Vinciguerra

The work brings together a series of texts and interviews that cover the advances of deleuzienne thought from the 1970s to the 1990s. Twenty years of philosophical evolution, still in touch with its “outside”, addressing itself to philosophers and non- philosophers alike. If Deleuze wished to question the unity of language to bring forth new modalities of meaning – multiple and sometimes paradoxical – this work, immense in the perspectives and the fields that it uncovers, allows us to appreciate the multiplicities that are found in Deleuze’s words and images. Generally “pourparlers” (negotiations) are long drawn out affairs aiming for a consensus. Here, each text constitutes more of a possible movement to conduct a “guerrilla campaign” against oneself, against the certainties of what things are and how things speak about themselves. Pourparlers is more than just an introduction to deleuzienne thought, it is a war machine against all the foregone conclusions that encircle and frame the real and the language that is supposed to say it. Pourparlers (negotiations) between art(s) and philosophy to say thing otherwise.


The contributors explain their link to the work : to what extent did it guide their work? What relation does their work have with this or that aspect of Deleuze’s thought? From the reading that each person makes of Pourparlers, it means thinking about the ways in which Deleuze develops, in plural forms, languages and images in the arts and in philosophy as much as in politics.

Co-edition Epure-ESAD, October 2013, RRP : 18 €