Product-Space Design

The option in Product-Space Design focuses on the creation of objects and how they are placed in a space by a creator with an authorship position. The process that is based around the user, the problematics of production, experiments with material, is also in part a result of the comprehension of the artistic issues that are at stake in design. The dialogue with crafts, the industrial problematics and its renewal are at the centre of these reflections. Two workshops with specific projects, in food design and in vegetal design, bring together students from different options and thereby address the question of the living in our environment.

With a highly professional approach, the option includes research and development with business partners, with national and international competitions from the 2nd year of studies onwards. Every year, some projects are selected to be manufactured in limited editions, giving a unique visibility to the best students. The incubator and the business incubator of the ESAD are open to those who wish to set themselves up with an independent activity.

The ESAD is cited by Interni, Italian press, as being in the top three of product design schools in France. The permanent partners of the Product Space- Design option are : the Chaire IDIS, the VIA, Bernard Chauveau editions, the Paris Design Week and D Days, the competitive hub Matéralia.