Statutory obligations

Social security coverage
It is obligatory, since 1948, for every student aged from 16 to 28 years old to join a social security system. Registration in higher education establishments cannot be accepted unless the specified payment is made.
The affiliation is recorded and paid for in the establishments which then transmits this to the payment centre.
In Reims, students can choose between two payment centres : the LMDE or the MGEL.
The affiliation is obligatory from the age of 16 years old, except in certain special cases.
It is free for scholarship students as well as for students who are between 16 and 19 years old during the academic year.
For students aged 20 and over during the academic year and not receiving a scholarship, the affiliation must be paid (215€ for the year 2015/16).
Certain special cases, often linked to the parent’s profession, or in relation to the student’s type of employment can derogate these rules and result in a specific study by the students affairs service of the ESAD.

Civil liability insurance
Every student must have a civil liability insurance for any harm that could be caused to a third party, during his/her activities in the School as well as outside during his/ her pedagogical voyages in France or abroad.

Internal rules
Each student signs his/her adherence to the internal rules in the first year in the establishment.