Tannerie Mégisserie 2014

CONTEST of the French Tannery Federation

The French Tannery Federation launched a competition between five schools of Design, selected in France, for the students to invent new ideas for the use of leather, other than the usual and conventional ways. In this way widening the field of application and encourage ingenuity and innovation in the use of the material as a structural element be it decorative and / or architectural. A team from the ESAD of Reims won the first prize of € 5,000.

Winners 1st Prize: Elodie Elsenberger et Fabien Szczepanowski “Arteria” The light fitting consists of a network of flexible or rigid leather strips on a metal core, crisscrossed by an array of LEDs, creating diffused light. (190x100cm).

Corrugated leather stool

This stool explores the structural properties of leather. The seat is made by the twisting of the material ad while maintaining the usual manner leather is used to cover a surface.