Urban greenhouses 2013

Luc Beaussart, Audrey Charré and Clémentine Schmitt Special Jury Award.

The project was developed as part of the ESAD Reims “Semaine Folle” 2011 with the help of Jon Marin, a lecturer in multidisciplinary biomimetism and ecodesign projects at the Sabadell College of Design in Spain Urban Greenhouses aims to promote plants that naturally occur in undesirable places. The “weeds” we find in our cities are actually useful, life-affirming and sometimes even edible. The first goal of this project is therefore to promote them by the kind of signage one would find in a greenhouse so that they can flourish, grow and earn the respect of local residents and passers-by. The second advantage of the project is that it uses the plants that have been highlighted to make compost; by adding glucose syrup to the organic waste, it is transformed into a fertile solid substance. It can then be easily used for indoor plants by cutting it into cubes, which are a reminder of its protective role and also look like sugar cubes. This project’s strongpoint is that its invites us to reconsider the natural world we find in our cities and to put it to good use as a means of creating an urban lifecycle.

Led by: Jon Marín, Sara Lubtchansky