Vegetal design

Despite not being able to obtain a degree with this option, it informs the overall activity of the ESAD. Vegetal design brings to bear a practical reflection on the place of the plant and the vegetal in our daily lives (domestic, work, commercial, urban…) with, as a backdrop, the constantly evolving relation of man to nature. Confronting objects with other temporalities, submitting them to changes of weather and the rhythms of the seasons, can this bring them closer to the users’ daily life?  The vegetal can be seen today as a product, because the scientific conception of plants and their mode of industrial production raises questions that are of a qualitative, aesthetic and human order. Vegetal design is above all a crossroad of skills, where lots of knowledge and know how comes together : life sciences, such as botanic science, biology, physiology and the production economy which takes into account the ecological situation. The disciplines of space (architecture, interior design, landscaping) are also concerned. And finally, all these projects depend on the know-how of the gardener! In this context the quality of the projects is intimately connected to the quality of encounters and external collaborations. The ESAD places the pedagogical value of the projects at the centre of its preoccupations, and is particularly demanding in relation to what is at stake from a cultural point of view in its collaborations.   The permanent partners of vegetal design are the Centre of Excellence in Agro- Resources Industries, and Jardin Jardins (Parc des Tuileries).

Reference work “ Faut pas pousser, design et végétal” Published by ESAD 2012