Diplôme Design Objet-Espace 2015 : Benjamin Mahler


Campa 2013

Projects achieved in partnership with the company CAMPA, a luxury electric radiator manufacturer.

Tannerie Mégisserie 2014

CONTEST of the French Tannery Federation

Post-diplôme 2013 : Benoît Le Guein

Eat Words

Post-diplôme 2013 : Marion Chatel Chaix

Accessory: « An object designed to complete the principal element and assist in its function»

Post-diplôme 2013 : Rachel Levesque

Soft Ground

Urban greenhouses 2013

Luc Beaussart, Audrey Charré and Clémentine Schmitt Special Jury Award.

Les hortillonnages 2013

For many years now the Maison de la Culture of Amiens houses the «art, city & landscape» festival in the Hortillonnages of Amiens, a former marshland transformed into floating gardens in the Middle Ages, now an important market gardening area. It used to be called «vegetable Venice».

Urban Agriculture 2013

Students were invited to explore the issue from their point of view as designers , placing themselves at the level of interaction between man and his environment.

The Vertical Garden 2013

Project designed and developed by students: Élodie Elsenberger, Bérénice Garnier, Salassa Mitsui and Lauriane Vauthier.

With the help of Clément Bernard and Thomas Kern.

Many partners combine students’ creativity and companies’ innovation to enhance local expertise.

Institutional partners: City of Reims and Reims Métropole (Directorate of green spaces – Reims 2020)

Financial partners: Effort rémois

Technical partners: Edivert (Ormes), Arden végétal, Le Bâtiment Associé (Muizon), La Maison de Reims des Compagnons du devoir, the Bird Protection League of Champagne -Ardenne , Maison de la Nature in Paris, CELC -Master of linen , Sineugraff.

Project art director: Patrick Nadeau, in collaboration with Raoul Sbaïz and Sara Lubtchansky

Coordination: Claire Peillod, ESAD Director

Ironmongery Rollinger 2012

The Rollinger foundry asked a group of ESAD design students under the guidance of the designer Véronique Maire to take a fresh look at the world of ironmongery and notably window catches.

Workshop “Jelly Belly” 2012

SIAL 2012 Home chef

21-25 October 2012, Paris Nord Villepinte

Eurogerm, Reinventing our daily bread 2012

3-7 March 2012, Europain Show, Paris.

Food Explorer 2012

22-24 January 2012, Paris, La Mutualité. “Paris des Chefs” is a show that builds bridges between cookery and various other creative disciplines by teaming major French and international chefs with architects, designers and fashion designers to show what they can learn from each other.

Plants, a model for design ? 2012

Plant design is on the borderline between biomimetism, urban ecology and the decorative arts and has been part of the curriculum at ESAD Reims for the last five years or more. It is part of a new approach to home design.

Glass Workshop : « LIGHT OBJECTS » SALVIATI MURANO-Italie 2011

Workshop “les 400 goûts” 2011

Exhibition “QUICK 2050: the future as imagined by students” 2011

The exhibition was part of the Quick Lab project, a collaborative partnership between the Quick Group and ten architecture and design colleges in France and Belgium, coordinated by VIA (Promotion of innovation in furniture).

Post-diplôme 2011 : Céline Marder

The mouth, a sensual resonance

Post-diplôme 2011 : Alexandra Roudière

From food gestures to dance gestures, the laboratory of the imperishable

Linen for plants 2011

In partnership with the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp - Masters of Linen.

SIAL 2010 “Food landscapes”

In 2008/2009, food design students began work on the topic alongside the Transtopia research project. Given the extent and richness of the theme, this will be carried over to 2010, with the backing of external expertise and partnerships.

DeSIGN me a beef breed

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the "Beef Breeds of France" gastronomical competition, the bovine profession asked culinary design students, under the watchful eye of Marc Brétillot, to carry out work on the beef breed sector in line with a simple request: "Design me a beef breed".

SIAL 2008 “Delicatessen and Dairy products”

The food design workshop run by Marc Brétillot, a major figure in that field, worked with the dairy products and delicatessen during the first semester 2008.

Gardens of Chaumont 2007

Three gardens conceived by ESAD's students have been selected by the 2007 Chaumont-sur-Loire Garden Festival.

Former College Gardens 2007

The ephemeral garden of Reims' Former Jesuit College brings together a selection of four in situ projects: taking their inspiration from the historical function of the premises, the architecture or simply the existing plant life. They were on show from June to December 2007.

Around table 2006

Research programme around the theme of gastronomy, proposed to the students of 4th and 5th years. The theme deals with ideas of pleasure in relation to sensory, technical and cultural specificities.

SIAL 2006 “Fruits and vegetables”

The food design workshop run by Marc Brétillot, a major figure in that field, worked with the fruits and vegetables in 2005-2006.

Climbing plants 2006